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Vein Velocity LLC.
Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Services for Assisted Living and Nursing Home Facilities

We Offer Services to Private Residential Homes By Appointment 

Vein Velocity Mobile Phlebotomy offers specialized mobile phlebotomy services tailored to the unique needs of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The company provides convenient, on-site blood draw services, minimizing the need for residents to travel to external labs or clinics, which can be particularly beneficial for those with mobility issues or chronic health conditions. 


Overall, Vein Velocity Mobile Phlebotomy provides a valuable service that supports the healthcare needs of nursing home and assisted living residents, ensuring they receive necessary blood tests with minimal hassle and maximum comfort. 

Convenience & Comfort

Phlebotomy services are performed in the comfort of the resident's living environment, reducing stress and inconvenience.

Timely & Efficient

Vein Velocity ensures quick and efficient blood draw, with timely transportation of samples to the designated laboratories for analysis, ensuring fast and accurate test results

Enhanced Health Monitoring

Regular on-site blood tests help in the ongoing monitoring of residents' health, enabling early detection and management of potential health issues.

Professional & Experienced Staff

The company employs highly trained and certified phlebotomists who are skilled in handling elderly and medically fragile patients with care and precision.

Customized Scheduling

The service offers flexible scheduling to accommodate the specific needs and routines of nursing homes and assisted living facilities, minimizing disruption to the daily activities of residents. 

Compliance & Safety

Vein Velocity adheres to strict health and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of residents and the accuracy of the blood samples collected.

Better Care Starts with You!


"My father resides in an assisted living facility, and his health requires frequent blood test. Vein Velocity has been a gamechanger. The phlebotomist who comes to see him is always kind and patient, making the whole process much less stressful for him. I am very grateful for their compassionate service."


-Emily R., Family Member


"Since we started using Vein Velocity Mobile Phlebotomy, our residents have been much happier with the process of getting their blood drawn. The phlebotomists are skilled and very personable, making each visits pleasant. It's clear they genuinely care about the wellbeing of our residents."


-Maragret L., Healthcare Coordinator

"We have been using Vein Velocity Mobile Phlebotomy for our assisted living facility for over a year now, and the service has been outstanding. The phlebotomists are professional, gentle, and very understanding of our residents' needs. It's a huge relief not having to coordinate transportation for lab visits anymore. Highly recommend their services!"


-Director of Nursing


"As a nurse at a nursing home, I appreciate the convenience and efficiency of Vein Velocity's mobile phlebotomy services. The team is always on time, and they handle our residents with the utmost care and respect. This service has significantly improved our ability to manage our residents' health with timely lab results."


-Jane. S., RN

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